World Banana Pudding Eating Championship Coming to Alabama Next Week

Now this we have to see.

Banana Pudding
Photo: YGolub/Getty Images

It's the eating event Southerners have been training for their whole lives. We've all seen some impressive banana pudding consumption in our day, but this is guaranteed to be on another level.

Next week, top-ranked competitive eaters from around the country will participate in the first-ever Major League Eating World Banana Pudding Championship in Madison, Alabama.

According to, competitors will test the limits of their waistbands with pans of Apple Lane Farms' famous banana pudding in the inaugural event. The winner will take home $3,000 in prize money and the opportunity to set a new world record.

"Banana pudding is widely regarded as one of the American South's most prominent comfort foods," Major League Eating Emcee Sam Barclay told "But, if they are to succeed, eaters must stay focused on quantity, and refrain from enjoying the quality of Apple Lane Farm's award-winning banana pudding."

The 2022 Major League Eating World Banana Pudding Championship will take place at CrossPointe Church on August 5.

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