And Officer Bonebrake has never been happier to lose a bet.
Police Officer Purple Wig
Credit: Facebook/Woodstock Police, GA

A Georgia police officer couldn't have been happier to lose a bet with an elementary school student earlier this week.

Officer Shane Bonebrake with the Woodstock Police Department was the talk of the town on Wednesday for directing traffic at the intersection outside Woodstock Elementary School wearing a bright purple wig.

After an afternoon spent stopping traffic in more ways than one, the police department shared a video on Facebook of Bonebrake in action. But the only thing better than a police officer in a troll wig is the heartwarming story of how he found himself there.

"Earlier this school year, Ofc. Bonebrake told 5th-grader, Bryan, that if he got his grades up, Ofc. Bonebrake would do anything Bryan asked of him," the department wrote alongside the short video. "As the school year ends and Bryan's report card proudly reflects Straight A's, Bryan knew exactly what he wanted Ofc. Bonebrake to do. Direct traffic at Woodstock Elementary School in a purple wig!"

"Buses full of students and parents dropping kids off loved Officer Bonebrake's bright purple wig!" the caption continued.

In just a few days, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times and more than 2,500 likes. People couldn't get enough of the inspiring story.

"That's so awesome," one Facebook user wrote. "The influence that good police officers have on young boys and girls is so real. Hats off to police officers who go beyond to help our precious children."

"Your actions will leave a lasting impression," another wrote. "Thank you for the demonstration of character and humor!"

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We couldn't love this more if we tried!