You won't find this one in any baby naming books.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 11, 2017
Hurricane Irma Baby

As Hurricane Irma continues to knock its way through the Southeast, the huge storm is certainly a scary time for moms-to-be.

Now, one Florida mom can breathe a sigh of relief after safely traveling from her Key West home to Miami for the delivery of her baby girl. After traveling 150+ miles, Kara Kesling went into labor at Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Thursday. The mom and baby remained there until Saturday, when the Miami-Dade Police helped bring the duo to a nearby hotel.

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Having escaped the then Category 5 hurricane pummeling towards her home, Kesling fittingly named her newborn "Nayiri Storm." "Welcome to the world baby Nayiri Storm!" the Miami-Dade Police Department shared on their social media accounts. "Glad our officers were able to assist the family safely from hospital to hotel. #PerfectName"

The adorable newborn, securely wrapped in a white blanket, will certainly have quite the story to tell all of her friends when she grows up.

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