OBX gets snow like you've never seen before. 

Avalon Pier Sea Foam
Credit: Facebook/Avalon Pier

While the rest of North Carolina was digging out from a record-setting snowfall over the weekend, parts of the Outer Banks were dealing with a peculiar accumulation on their shores.

On Monday, Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills shared a video on Facebook of mounds of snow-like sea foam rolling in off the ocean. High winds can be seen whipping the fluffy foam into the air, creating a nautical version of a winter wonderland at the front door of the historic pier.

"This ‘snow' is hard to shovel!" the post jokes.

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According to The State, water levels began to rise significantly on Sunday, with water four feet above normal in both Craven and Carteret Counties. By Monday, large swathes of sea foam from agitated seawater caused by the monster winter storm washed ashore.

Tiffani Collier, owner of Tiffani Marie Photography, posted an eerie video of the sea snow coming ashore nearby.

Now that's something you don't see every day!