They grow up so fast!

Winnie the hippo is two months old
Baby hippo Winnie is already two months old!

For those of you who haven't been anxiously stalking Memphis Zoo's Facebook page like we have, we're thrilled to inform you that there's been a new update on the South's favorite baby hippo, Winnie!

In the most recent installment of "Winnie Wednesday," the sweet Facebook series published on the first Wednesday of every month, director of Animal Programs, Matt Thompson, revealed that our adorable little hippo isn't so little anymore. At two months old, Winnie now weighs a whopping 250 pounds—up from an equally-impressive 76 pounds at birth. Thompson also shared that growing mammal is still nursing, but has recently begun to sample bits of her mom's hay, grain and fruit.

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And yes, watching zookeepers try to weigh a baby hippo is just as cute as you'd imagine. Watch the video update on Facebook (above), and check back in a month for the next "Winnie Wednesday."