The adorable tot steals the show in an adorable video with papa Rhett.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 05, 2018
The crooner and his wife Lauren Akins are doubly happy: they're expecting a baby girl — and adopted a child from Africa. "Our hearts are exploding with happiness for y'all to meet our new baby who we are bringing home from Africa soon who is also going to have a little brother or sister," Lauren's Instagram announcement read. "Because, SURPRISE! there's a sweet baby in my belly too." In May, they introduced daughter Willa Gray Akins after bringing her home from Uganda. "It felt like a dream," Lauren told PEOPLE of their daughter's arrival.
Kailey Dickerson

Thomas Rhett's Life Changes Tour kicks off tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his young and boundlessly cute daughter Willa Gray has some thoughts she'd like to share with his fans. In a precious video clip that Rhett posted on Twitter yesterday, the country singer guides his daughter through pronouncing the town names of some of his upcoming tour stops like "Las Cruces" and "Lubbock."

When Rhett wraps up the repeat-after-me scene, he instructs his daughter to say "y'all come to the show!" The darling Willa Gray obliges but when Rhett piggybacks that with "'cuz it's gonna be fun!" her reaction is priceless. Watch below.

Since posting the video, it's racked up 306,000+ views, 22,694 likes and 2,840 retweets and counting. Can you hear Rhett's wife Lauren Akins laughing in the background? We can barely make her out over the sound of our own chuckles.

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Meanwhile, to catch the man behind hit singles like "Get Me Some of That" "T-Shirt" and "Marry Me," check out his tour schedule here. We Birmingham fans are hoping blossoming star Willa Gray makes a special appearance at the Cullman show.