True love really does conquer all.
Dorothy and Bob Weis Kidney Couple
Credit: Kati Weis

"Perfect match" is a term that gets thrown around a lot. People use it for everything from paint chips to dating profiles—but not Dorothy and Bob Weis. For this Alabama couple and their family, finding a "perfect match" has been a matter of life or death.

In a heartwarming story written by their daughter, Fox 10 WALA reporter, Kati Weis, the longtime couple reflected on their decades together, and how one year ago, a priceless gift from Dorothy saved Bob's life.

Seven years ago, Bob, the former Chief of Anesthesia at the USA Medical Center, developed a rare autoimmune kidney disease, known as Membranopolifertive Glomerulonephritis, or MPGN.

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"He was in kidney failure for so long, that he developed congestive heart failure, and the congestive heart failure landed him in the hospital on life support for a couple weeks," Dorothy recalled. "That was really hard. For a while there we weren't sure if he was going to live or die."

Unfortunately he was too old to be put on a donor list. What he needed was a volunteer.

"Mom went through weeks of testing, crossing her fingers, hoping she could be the one," Kati recalled. And somehow, as if by fate, they were a perfect match.

In November 2016, husband and wife went through surgery at UAB's Kidney Transplant Center together.

On Thanksgiving this year, the family had plenty to be thankful for. "I enjoy the company around the dinner table, I just enjoy food, and last year, I couldn't enjoy much, and this will be a particularly thankful time," said Bob.

Holding hands and laughing with their family, they're not only a testimony to the UAB doctors who took care of them, but a true testimony to the power of love.

"She made me realize how precious life is, and how good life with her is," Bob said.

Dorothy smiled. "Years ago, I gave him my heart, so I didn't think twice about giving him a kidney," she said.