Royal family trivia alert!
Queen Elizabeth II
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Being a royal certainly entails a fair share of marvelous perks, from sumptuous meals prepared by private chefs to, oh, living in castles.

But that also means royals like Queen Elizabeth II can't enjoy many of life's regular old activities — the good, the bad, and the boring. For one thing, Lilibet doesn't get to write checks. Reader's Digest explains, "Queen Elizabeth II doesn't write checks out because people would never cash them. Why? People preferred to keep them as mementos instead since they had her signature on them—a likely way to get around the fact that no one in the royal family is allowed to give autographs." Who knew? "While it might be a nice conversation starter or something to brag about at a commoner's dinner party, it's a huge pain for the royals' banking records," Reader's Digest's Morgan Cutolo continues.

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Reader's Digest also reports that Queen Elizabeth II's mom, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, had similar issues with checks. In fact, "[a]fter writing out so many checks, the Queen Mother was said to have an overdraft of £2 million after she passed away, which her daughter settled." Yikes!

Well, we'll be sure to take a moment of gratitude next time we find ourselves writing a check, standing in line at the grocery store, or when we hear someone say our last name. It's the little things in life, right?