Winter isn't doing you any favors when it comes to looking your best!

Before you read this article, know this: You are beautiful just the way you are. That said, there's a small chance that winter isn't doing you any favors when it comes to looking your best. put together a list of some of the reasons Old Man Winter can make you feel older and came up with a few ideas on how to have you feeling young again.

First, winter's grey skies can cause a drop in vitamin D levels, which can sap your energy. Talk to your doctor about adding a supplement to your diet. Another reason you might look older than your years during winter is your winter coat. Black winter coats may be both versatile and stylish, but the dark color can sometimes make people look paler and accentuate the dark circles under their eyes. While matching your shoes to your handbag may be chic, matching your coat to the circles under your eyes is definitely not fashionable. Liven things up with a bright scarf or opt for a more colorful coat.

Between the cold air, freezing winds, and dry heat cranking out of the heater, winter can be a nightmare for skin. Dry, peeling, or reddened skin needs extra TLC. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin, go easy on the exfoliation, which can irritate dry skin, and consider getting a humidifier to make the air less dry. Famed dermatologist Dr. Perricone told The Cut that people battling wintery skin should consider adding more fish to their diets, too, and avoid "sugary, starchy foods." Adding more fruits and vegetables to winter diets can also help perk up a winter rut, because sadly you can't live on Christmas cookies.

In winter, you may want to add some extra eye care to your skin routine. Under-eye bags and circles can be significantly darker during the colder months thanks to paler skin. ''Lacking in Vitamins D and K has a considerable negative effect on the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes and can age a woman by 4.7 years," anti-aging expert Dr Mark Binette told the Telegraph per Find a good concealer that works for your skin type and skin tone and try these tips from Real Simple.

The combination of indoor heat and low humidity that wreaks havoc on your skin, can also dry out your normally lovely locks, making them look dry and frizzy, and cause fly-aways. Go easy on the heating tools, find a hydrating conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner to fight static-related frizz, and try moisturizing hair masks. Self recommends never going outside with damp hair to avoid winter-related hair breakage.

Another reason you may not be feeling your best in winter is that you skip the gym, because, to borrow a line from a Christmas carol, baby, it's cold outside. It's hard to get yourself to the gym if you have to battle freezing temperatures to get there. If you're prone to skipping the gym in winter, consider working out at home (there are tons of workout videos online or on Amazon) or following's 8 tricks to keep you motivated to workout in winter. Alternatively: move to Florida where year-round good weather means you'll have no excuse to skip the gym.