This actually makes a lot of sense.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 31, 2019
NBC/Getty Images

When it comes to The Golden Girls, your trivia game is out of the park. But while you may know every little thing about the fab foursome that is Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche, your knowledge of the sitcom's set may be a bit more limited.

Well, think back to a few of your favorite kitchen scenes. It's likely when the girls were gathered around the table chatting, right? Now, visualize the table in your head. If you're a superfan, you probably now recall that only three ladies at the most sit at the table at any given time. Well, we're here to boggle your minds: There was a savvy reason that table only featured three chairs.

As Selena Barrientos describes for House Beautiful, "To avoid squeezing all four shoulder-to-shoulder and more importantly, to not have an actress with her back to the camera, only three women usually sat at the table." Barrientos continues, "According to assistant art director John Shaffner, having the fourth person sit on a stool—or cooking at the island nearby—gave viewers the feeling that they were seeing a play, making the experience more appealing."

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See you at the trivia table — we'll pull up a fourth chair for you.