Kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it — this simple upgrade is a winner.

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Home Exterior
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There are expensive home improvement projects: Installing a new patio, renovating your shower, turning an attic into a guest room, to name a few. And then there are the cheap home improvement tweaks that make your life infinitely better.

Our current favorite? Adding LED light strips around the house — whether that be a cabinet under a sink, in various nooks in our kitchen, or a closet — to make everyday activities better. My personal love affair with LED light strips began with placing a panel of them in my bedroom closet, making it much easier for me to see the lay of the land and ideal for early mornings when I don't want to turn on my floor lamp and illuminate the entire room. agrees, as Eustacia Huen wrote in a recent piece titled "8 Cheap Remodeling Tricks I Tried on My Own Home." Huen shares why she uses light strips in her kitchen: "There were a few places in the kitchen that needed better lighting for cooking and washing. To fix this, I used LED light strips that I'd bought years ago, and stuck them under the kitchen cabinets. These battery-powered lights are practical, energy-efficient, and last for a long time." Huen opts for this GE Wireless LED Light Bar, 12-Inch, that will set you back around $9 from, but you can buy them at virtually any home goods store or website, like those of Home Depot or Target.

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So go ahead and help your eyes out and pick up a light bar pronto. You might even want to pick up a few extra strips — we hear they'll come in handy when you get around to creating that guest room in the attic.