Find out why that side of guac costs more than you'd think.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 18, 2019
Sollina Images/Getty Images

You're out to dinner and there's a 10% chance you're ordering an appetizer. Then your eyes glance over the menu and catch that magical word: "Guacamole." Those 10% odds have skyrocketed to 100%.

Of course, all guacamole is not created equal but there's one thing all guacamole on restaurant menus seems to have in common: It's expensive. Since the ingredients are pretty basic, you may wonder what accounts for the pricy sticker. Coupled with the recent avocado shortage, there's several other reasons why the dish is on the more expensive side. As Reader's Digest recently reported, you're also paying for factors like like how water-intensive a crop avocados are and the amount of labor involved when restaurants create guacamole from scratch. Additionally, unlike, say, potatoes or carrots, avocados have a very brief shelf life.

"Amongst other challenges with ripening and spoilage, avocados oxidize fast," Michael Alexis of The Great Guac Off told Reader's Digest. Once restaurants make a batch of guacamole, they better sell it swiftly. "When you mix air with avocados, that brown mush is on its way,"

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Our lips are sealed if you make a big batch on it to munch on before you head out for dinner.