A sociology professor weighs in.
Fall Foliage
Credit: Copyright George W Johnson/Getty Images

Every month, approximately 110 people Google "fall is the best season," and approximately 11 billion people believe it (okay, give or take). But is there a reason so many people swoon for autumn? Well, we may be hardwired from our youth to feel so wonderful about fall, at least according to Dartmouth sociology professor, Kathryn Lively.

"We're conditioned from a very early age that autumn comes with all these exciting things," Lively told The Huffington Post in an article regarding our autumnal obsession. "As children, we come to associate fall with going back to school, new school supplies, seeing friends. It's exciting, for most. We still respond to this pattern that we experienced for eighteen years."

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Of course, returning to school doesn't have positive associations for everyone, but for many, the embedded anticipation of a new school year during our childhood carries over — long after we sport our cap and gowns. Even better? As we grow up, we get to usher children and loved ones through the exciting process and witness the fall season from a new perspective.

Football season, flannel everything, Halloween and Thanksgiving, tailgating, pumpkin picking...the list continues. Bring it on!