It's not in your head.
Woman Blowing Nose Under Tree

If you're not sneezing, suffering from nasal congestion, and/or dealing with watery eyes, consider yourself lucky.

Spring has sprung, and allergies are rearing their drippy, dreary heads once again. And you're not just imagining things: More people are dealing with allergies that are more intense than ever. To boot, people who have never encountered seasonal allergies before are now facing allergies for the first time.

What's causing all this runny-nosed distress? "Climate change is making allergies worse," Amiinah Y. Kung, MD, an allergy and immunology specialist at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, told POPSUGAR in a recent piece by Emily Shiffer on seasonal allergies. "Winters aren't as cold, so there isn't much of a freeze, and with seasonal warming beginning earlier, it makes Spring particularly bad."

Dr. Kung also explains that pollution in the air can heighten the intensity of your allergy symptoms. As always, it's best to consult with an allergist to work with an expert to determine the cause of your allergies and come up with a game plan to treat them.

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Hang in there. Happiness is around the corner, guys and girls. Or at least, we sure hope it's waiting for us around the end of this pollen-filled season.