5 Things You Didn't Know About 'Virgin River' 's Martin Henderson

Is dreamy "Jack" taken?

It's been a busy few weeks of streaming. Between new Christmas movies and specials and season four of The Crown on Netflix, we've hardly come up for air. Except to watch season two of Virgin River, of course.

After a captivating first season, the folks of fictional Virgin River, California, we've binged the new, drama-filled season and fallen even harder for everybody's favorite small town bar owner, Jack, played by Martin Henderson. Below, five things you may not know about the New Zealand — more on that below! — actor.

  1. He's a Kiwi.

That's right, Henderson is actually a native of New Zealand. He was born in the city of Auckland, where his acting career kicked off during his teenage years. And yes, he's got the charming accent to prove it! Check out the interview below with Virgin River author Robyn Carr to hear him speak with his natural lilt.

2. He's quite the baker.

In recent months, Henderson has taken to Instagram to share several cooking videos, including baking sourdough bread from afar with his Virgin River co-star Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel in the series. (He also whipped up some amazing looking granola.)

3. You may recognize him from Grey's Anatomy.

Ah, so that's what it was. If you thought Henderson looked familiar, you may very well have seen him on Grey's Anatomy, where he played the role of Dr. Nathan Riggs in seasons 12-14. Other recent TV credits include ABC's Off the Map and Sundance TV's The Red Road.

4. He appears to be in a happy relationship.

Sorry, ladies, Henderson is taken. While there aren't many details out there, it seems Henderson is dating someone named Aisha Mendez. This fall, it seems the two enjoyed plenty of time on the water in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

5. He's a proud pet parent.

When he's not filming Virgin River or sailing on the ocean (or even when he is), you'll likely find Henderson spending quality time with his dog, whom he posts many adorable photos of on Instagram.

Um, can we have whatever quarantine he's having out there? Please and thank you very much.

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