This potent degreaser is already a longtime resident of your pantry.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Credit: Jens Mortensen

Southerners know as well as anyone that greasy, delicious foods don't just cling to your ribs; they cling to your pots, your pans, your Tupperware, and even the air. Don't get us wrong, we looove cooking with fat (seriously, pass the butter), it's just the cleanup we're not too crazy about.

Luckily, as Lifehacker recently pointed out, the ultimate degreaser is already sitting in your pantry. Beloved by chefs and clean freaks alike, plain white vinegar packs some serious degreasing and deodorizing abilities. Plus, it's totally food-safe!

So if you're tired of finding lingering oil and smells on the dishes you swear you already thoroughly cleaned, do yourself a favor and add white vinegar to your dishwashing routine. Keep in mind that vinegar won't kill nasty microorganisms, and its acidity can corrode aluminum and cast iron cookware.

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Porous materials like plastic containers and silicone spatulas that like to hold onto smells and flavors do particularly well when you give them a generous spritz of white vinegar before popping them into the dishwasher. A good splash of white vinegar and hot water also does wonders for removing splashed-on grease from stovetops.

Efficient, cheap and totally safe, white vinegar is the dishwashing hack you deserve.