It feels like fall.

White Pumpkin Pie M&Ms
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There are a lot of pies in the world and apple, lemon meringue, and chocolate cream are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth any time of the year. But when it comes to pumpkin pie, for some reason it's usually only eaten over the holidays—and then the recipe is tucked back into the recipe box until next Thanksgiving. What's a pumpkin pie lover to do come June?

Luckily for dedicated pumpkin pie fans, M & Ms have realized the error of this way and are finally giving the people want they want. That, of course, is the sweet taste of pumpkin pie tucked into a candy they can tote around in their pockets. M & Ms has just unveiled a new line of white chocolate and pumpkin pie-flavored treats that are sure to melt in your mouth (not in your hand). While the Easter bunny has just left a trail of Cadbury crème eggs and Marshmallow Peeps in its wake, the new line of typically autumnal treats is already available online, according to Pop Sugar.

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While the M & M company has offered fall-themed candy in the past, including pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice latte flavored treats, this is the first time they've transformed a full pumpkin pie into a bite-sized candy. Hopefully M&M is planning on keeping the treat in stores all year round, because when true pumpkin pie lovers are craving that pumpkin-y goodness, lemon meringue just won't cut it.