We always knew it was love at first bite, White Castle.
Valentine's Day Dinner Couple
Credit: Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images/Getty Images

What do you crave this Valentine's Day? If the answer is laid-back fun with a side of good grub that won't break the bank, look no further than White Castle. For their 27th annual Cupid's feast, you can book your table on OpenTable (type in "White Castle" in the search bar and select February 14th for the date) at most White Castle eateries across the country.

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For the big evening, expect decorations, waiter service, and a special menu. You can also expect a fun stream of images if you search "#whitecastlevalentinesday" and "#whitecastle" on instagram of folks sharing their experiences at the joint.

We can't think of a better way to skip the stuffy Valentine's Day prix fixe and spend quality time with our better half than chowing down at good ole WC. Well, maybe we can, grabbing a few sliders to go for a midnight snack.