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So you've got a hankering for fried green tomatoes. As a Southerner the craving is practically inherited.

Indeed, many fried green tomato enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to the Whistle Stop Café in Juliette, Georgia, featured in the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes. Fun fact: When the eatery was featured in the movie as part of the fictional Whistle Stop community, it was simply part of a film set—only after the movie was it converted into an actual restaurant for green tomato aficionados to gather at and enjoy. And while the movie was filmed in Georgia, the story is set in Alabama. So perhaps you've sojourned to The Irondale Café—first established in 1928— in Irondale, Alabama, the real-life inspiration for the fictional restaurant in the film. In fact, Fried Green Tomatoes premiered at the Cobb Galleria Theatre in nearby Birmingham.

Sometimes, though, a spiritual journey to Irondale or Juliette isn't in the books when a desire for fried green tomatoes strikes. Well, thanks to an article from Wide Open Country, we're happy to report there's an easier way to get your fix for these veggies satisfied: Order a box of the Irondale Café Original Whistle Stop Recipes Brand Fried Green Tomato Batter mix on Amazon for a mere $6.75 per nine-ounce box. Each box comes with all the tantalizing batter mix  you need for nine servings of fried green tomatoes—or perhaps you're opting to dredge okra, eggplant, or onion rings in lieu of the traditional favorite.

Of course, now that we know the famed fried green tomato batter mix is available for purchase, we're going to have to stock up and menu plan accordingly. In fact, we're long overdue for a fried green tomato potluck where everyone brings their favorite rendition of the side dish staple. We think we'll even offer note cards and golf pencils on hand for a fun little blind taste test with our crew. May the best green tomatoes win.