Exclusive: A Jailed Kya Urges Tate to Forget Her In Emotional Deleted Scene from 'Where the Crawdads Sing'

See the never-before-seen clip.

Deleted Scene Where the Crawdads Sing
Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

First you experienced it in book form, then in theaters, and now, the worldwide phenomenon that is Where the Crawdads Sing is headed to DVD and Blue Ray.

The Reese Witherspoon adaptation of Delia Owens' best-selling book, which raked in more than $100 million in box offices, will be available for your home-viewing pleasure next month, and Sony Pictures Entertainment is celebrating the release with a never-before-seen clip from the movie.

In a deleted scene from the movie shared exclusively with Southern Living, Tate (Taylor John Smith) can be seen visiting Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones) in jail as she awaits the verdict in her trial for killing Chase Andrews (Harris Dickinson).

The emotional three-minute scene that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor shows Kya at her most vulnerable.

"I need you to forget me," she tells Tate through the bars of her cell.

"No, I could never," he replies, shaking his head and reaching for her hands. "I will never."

Kya admits that she thinks she will "never get out of here," but Tate insists that she will.

"No, don't think like that. Tom Milton is very good, OK?" he urges. "He's going to get you out and we're going to be back in the marsh exploring together, I promise."

Watch the deleted scene below:

Like the book, the movie follows a misunderstood young girl named Kya as she comes of age in the marshes of coastal North Carolina. It then picks up in the same marsh several years later, after Tate has gone away to college and Kya's unlikely romance with the town's "golden boy" Chase ends with her going on trial for his murder.

Where the Crawdads Sing is available on digital September 6 on Blu-ray and DVD September 13. Bonus materials include 14 deleted and extended scenes, a lyric video for "Carolina" by Taylor Swift, and interviews with the people that brought Kya's lush world to life on film.

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