"I think we're treasure hunters at heart."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 16, 2018

Ever wonder what Cracker Barrel's antiques warehouse looks like? If you dreamed it's like the tchotchke palace of your dreams, you'd be correct. Recently, Country Living took a look inside the company's antiques warehouse in Lebanon, Tennessee, where the company is also headquartered.

"Procurement for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store's 26,000-square-foot decor warehouse is overseen by decor manager Larry Singleton, whose family has been in charge of sourcing antiques for the restaurant since it first opened in 1969," writes the article's author Caroline Collins McEnzie. "In the beginning, we were storing stuff we bought in my grandparents' bedroom," Singleton told Country Living. "It's one of those things that became a vocation before I knew it. They got me before I knew I was got!"

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has actually filmed a video with Singleton, sharing some of his secrets and inviting us into the one-of-a-kind storage facility. "What we always have done is try to find authentic, genuine pieces that would have been in those country stores. I think we're treasure hunters at heart, I think we love discovering, finding, uncovering things," shares Singleton. "The part I appreciate a lot about it is we put it out there so everybody still gets to see it."

Considering each Cracker Barrel displays between 800 to 1,000 pieces, we can only imagine what an intense (and fun!) job this must be for Singleton and his team.

Well, with a newfound appreciation for the beloved Southern chain, we guess we have another excuse to pay ole Cracker Barrel a visit.