Would you like fries with that forever?
Whataburger Wedding
Credit: Twitter/@khrisnamay

Jordan and Arianne Moore's January 11th church nuptials apparently left the San Antonio couple hungry for more. More beef and cheese, that is!

That night, after the traditional revelry wrapped up, the newlyweds decided on a whim to invite the remaining guests to a second ceremony at a nearby Whataburger.

"A group of our friends who had not gone home yet were super hungry and I said lets go to Whataburger" Arianne recalled to My San Antonio. "I wanted to change into regular clothes because I still had a wedding dress on but since everybody had their dress and tux on, I said well let's get married again!"

Arianne said that the idea came to her when one of their friends also got married at Whataburger.

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Footage shared by My San Antonio shows a friend walking Arianne down a makeshift aisle before a friend begins officiating the ceremony. The whole thing came complete with some Whataburger food and a card signed by the staff, wishing them a "what-a-happiness."

Dare we say, wedding goals?