Whataburger Unveils Fancy New Food Truck


Whataburger is hitting the road!

The Texas-based chain is celebrating its 70th birthday with the launch of the Whataburger Food Truck, a state-of-the-art, burger slinging masterpiece decked out in orange and white.

"We wanted a way to connect even more with our communities and to introduce Whataburger to new customers in a new and exciting way," Rich Scheffler, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Whataburger, said in a news release. "And this truck is a showstopper."

The 36-foot long Whataburger on wheels boasts 24 feet of cooking space powered by a 30,000-watt generator and a four-foot grill for "the same kind of burger-making power as a brick-and-mortar restaurant."

Wrapped from bumper to bumper in orange and white, the exterior of the truck features a custom Flying W grill, LED lights, and laminated vinyl panels with burgers so realistic you can almost smell them.

Whataburger Truck
Cruising Kitchens

"We have worked on the idea of a Food Truck for years," Scheffler continued. "But we didn't want it to roll out of the garage until it could turn heads and bring our restaurant quality food to the road. This truck fits the bill."

The Whataburger Food Truck will depart on a multi-state tour in 2021, making stops in Whataburger's existing markets and cities as well as new locations to give fans "a taste of what's coming." It will also be available to distribute meals during natural disasters and emergencies.

Cameron Davies, owner of Cruising Kitchens, helped Whataburger bring the project to life. He said that he's worked on hundreds of food trucks, but this one was a "dream."

"We always say it's the look of the truck that brings people in, it's the taste of the food that brings them back," Davies said in a statement. "This truck has the best of both."

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