The photos might make you shed a tear.
Credit: typhoonski/Getty Images

A simple Twitter request led to a most thoughtful send-off for one beloved Houston dog who was recently afflicted with lymphoma.

"Hey @Whataburger! This is Stitch and he is your #1 four-legged customer. His favorite is a Whataburger Jr. plain and dry with cheese and sometimes fries if he's been an extra good boy!" Maci Hanson, whose family owns nine-year-old Stitch, wrote on Twitter last week. "Today we found out Stitch has lymphoma and his time with us is limited. We want to throw him a Whataburger themed celebration of life party. Can you help us celebrate this sweet boy and his love of cheeseburgers?"

Soon after the Tweet attracted attention on social media, Whataburger heeded Hanson's call and sent orange-and-white party essentials for Stitch and his two-legged family. While Stitch may no longer be with us, we're glad to know his last memories were so special for him, as well as meaningful for his human kin.

"From the day my dad brought Stitch home he has been a huge part of our family," said Hanson, who lives in Arkansas but made the trip to Houston for the party, as quoted in the Corpus Christi Caller Times. "He was always the protector of our family and truly had so much unconditional love to give to everyone he met."

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We're hoping Stitch's family finds solace in knowing their dog enjoyed quite the party with spicy ketchup, smiles, and precious quality time for all.