Texans Flock to Whataburger Drive-Thru During Snowstorm, Because, Honey Butter Biscuits

You've got to see this video of all the cars lined up in Dallas during the storm to make it to Whataburger.

There's no denying it: Texans love their H-E-B, their Buc-ee's, and they definitely love their Whataburger. (They also love Willie Nelson, Matthew McConaughey, and George Strait, to name a few of the Lone Star State's cherished celebrities.)

So much do Texans love their Whataburger, in fact, that they braved the horrendous weather in the middle of this week's snowstorm to get their fast food fix from the popular burger chain. We first caught wind of the news from SouthernThing.com, which pointed to quite the Twitter video posted by WFAA ABC reporter Alex Rozier.

Whataburger sign
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Beginning the post with an exclamatory "wow," Rozier proceeds to say "the one thing #Texans agree on during a snowstorm......@Whataburger. Check out this Whataburger line off 35 in #Dallas One woman told me she waited more than 90 minutes.....'it's worth it for the honey butter biscuit.'" He concluded the Tweet with a #DontMessWithTexas hashtag and a laughing and burger emoji. Rozier's Tweet was accompanied by a 12-second time-lapse video panning along may cars lined up for the drive-thru at the aforementioned Whataburger outpost. Worth noting: As some have pointed out in their responses on Twitter, many may have flocked to Whataburger as it was one of a limited number of eateries that remained open during the storm.

So far, the Tweet has garnered nearly 1,000 retweets and some 3,479 likes since it was posted on February 15. As we monitor the situation in Texas, we're keeping all those impacted by the power outages in our thoughts during this difficult time. Seeing this giant line for Whataburger certainly made us smile though, seeing Texans' devotion to their beloved signature burger chain.

To everyone who ventured out to Whataburger, we hope the long wait was "worth it for the honey butter biscuit." Stay safe, all.

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