Trisha Ruiz's husband promised to build her her very own Whataburger when the family moved to the country.
Whataburger Chicken Coop
Credit: Whataburger

Trisha Ruiz is a woman who knows what she wants. So, when her husband asked her to move to the country, she made sure to make her requirements clear. "I'm not moving unless I can drive to Whataburger in 10 minutes or less," she told him. She also had one other condition: she wanted chickens.

"I told him when we moved out here, I couldn't walk to Whataburger," Ruiz, who has been a Whataburger fan as long as she can remember, recalled to KTRK. "So, he said I'll build you one. We got the 'Whatacoop'. We got them all Whataburger outfits."

Ruiz got her wish—and then some.

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Today, she calls herself the "Krazy Funky Chicken Lady," and plays "mom" to 15 well-dressed chickens at her home in Fort Worth. Each chicken has a name (including Mashed Potato, Moo, Tater Tot, Greasy Grizz, Bluebell, and The Boss) as well as custom-made orange "saddles" and bibs.

Whataburger Chicken Coop Trisha Ruiz
Credit: Whataburger

On Whataburger's official site, Ruiz explained how her husband worked from an A-frame plan and customized the coop to their Whataburger-inspired needs. In addition to its unmistakable orange and white paint job, he created cozy spots for the Whatachick'ns to perch, hide away, or socialize with one another, as well as areas for them to lay eggs.

"Our chickens are pets," Ruiz told the burger chain. "We love our chickens. We don't eat them. We just play with them"

Predictably, the Whatacoop has been a huge hit in the neighborhood. "You can see it from the street, and everyone stops, gets out, and takes pictures," she said. "Everyone says, ‘We love your Whatacoop!'"