Think you've got the whole perfume thing down? Think again.
Southern Living Applying Perfume
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You've been wearing perfume since before you could drive. At this point, you can pretty much apply it your sleep—in fact, some mornings you probably do. Spritz, spritz, rub and you're ready to go about your well-scented day, right?


Expert perfumers agree: you should never rub in your perfume. "When you rub, you are breaking the rules the perfumer has set up for the scent, because our skin gets warmer, so you accelerate and enhance the evaporation of the perfume," perfumer Francis Kurkdjian of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris recently explained to Domino.

Patti Kapla, the vice president of business development at, broke it down in simpler terms for HuffPost. When you rub, "you ‘break up' the top notes, which are the lightest," she said. Rubbing leaves you with just the middle and base notes, and not the full scent. Basically, it's like over-whipping whipped cream, and nobody likes that.

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To get the most olfactory bang for your buck, experts advise letting your perfume air dry on your skin. This ensures that it will last all day and smell as nice as it should