Our palms are sweating just reading this.

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park Glass Bottom
Credit: Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

This summer, one of Gatlinburg's most popular attractions is the newly opened Gatlinburg SkyBridge overlooking Crockett Mountain in Gatlinburg SkyLift Park.

But pictures and videos of the stunning pedestiran-only suspension bridge—the longest such bridge in North America—can only do so much. What's it actually like to put one foot in front of the other and shuffle across?

Recently, Bobbie Jean Sawyer reported on her firsthand experience journeying across for Wide Open Country. "Personally, I don't love heights. Or bridges. So this was definitely a face-your-fears moment," writes Sawyer of the nervewrecking experience. "My palms were sweating pretty profusely as I took my first step onto the wooden planks. But by the time I reached the mid-point (and took that stomach-churning stroll across the glass panels) all I could focus on was the incredible view."

Gatlinburg SkyBridge
Credit: Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

Happily, Sawyer completed the SkyBridge walk and convinced us that even the most heights-averse among us can, too. Ready to plan your own visit? Check out the Best Time to Visit Gatlinburg SkyBridge.

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Are you afraid of heights or chomping at the bit to walk across this bridge? One tip for those excited to take the stroll: Put your phone down and soak the views up.