WATCH: In Moving Houston Speech, Laura Bush Shares What Barbara Bush Taught Her About Life

"Walk on the beach every chance you get."

On Wednesday, former First Lady Laura Bush was on hand to celebrate the opening of Houston Methodist Hospital's new Center for Health & Nature.

In her first remarks in Houston since Barbara Bush's funeral, Laura shared how greatly moved she and former President George W. Bush were by the display of affection from Houstonians after her mother in law's passing, especially on the day of her funeral.

"We drove to College Station on roads lined by Texans, who would pull over, stop, and put their cowboy hats over their heart," she recalled. "It was really gratifying to see how much respect Texans had for her."

The former First Lady added how much she and her husband learned about aging just from watching Barbara and George Sr.

"In Maine, Bar walked her dogs on the beach every day. Then a couple of summers ago, she began to walk with a walker, and then last summer she couldn't walk on the beach, so she wildly drove her golf cart around Walker's Point with her little dogs running along behind her for exercise," Laura said. "From both of them, George and I have learned that all we know we have, is now. So take advantage of your life now, as it is, and walk on the beach every chance you get."

Laura added that George Sr., who remains hospitalized as he recovers from an infection, is "doing well and in good spirits."

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