West Virginia National Guard Belts "Take Me Home, Country Roads" on Return Trip from Deployment Overseas

What a homecoming!

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There's nothing like the joy of coming home—especially after you've served time in the United States Armed Forces.

Recently, members of the West Virginia National Guard were eager to fly home following an 11-month deployment in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. On board the plane, several broke into a rendition of John Denver's 1971 hit single, "Take Me Home, Country Roads," as WSAZ-TV out of Huntington, West Virginia, originally reported of the now-popular clip. Wearing their army greens, the men, nostalgic for their homeland, start gently humming along with Denver's track until it gently erupts into a louder chorus of amateur singers. Watch the moving clip below and prepare to be moved by their patriotism.

The much-loved anthem for the Mountain State has inspired countless covers from open mic nights to giant arena show stages. Over the years, some famous versions of the tune include Olivia Newton-John's 1973 rendition, upbeat Jamaican reggae version from Toots and the Maytals, also released in 1973, and Ray Charles' eclectic soul-infused take on the hit in 1972. In 2016, famous country artists gathered to sing a mashup of "Country Roads, Take Me Home" with the mega hits of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" and Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," to celebrate the 50th year of the CMA awards in a medley titled "Forever Country." In 2014, the state of West Virginia honored the song by making it one of the state's official anthems.

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Countless covers, country roads, and casual car seat hums of the classic song later, we're glad to see these West Virginia National Guard members mark their homecoming with this timeless piece. Welcome home and thank you for your service. And now, an additional thank you for getting this wonderfully catchy song stuck in our head all day long.

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