"Every lady was handpicked."

Casme Carter 34 Bridesmaids
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With 34 bridesmaids standing beside her, Casme Carter might have had the biggest bridal party we've ever seen—even by Southern standards.

The New Orleans-based performer and her now-husband Gary tied the knot in a sunrise beach wedding on June 2 in Destin, Florida. Weeks later, Casme's unorthodox decision to have her six sisters and a whopping 28 friends by her side continued to make headlines all over the world.

She told CNN that she originally planned on having 50 bridesmaids, but sadly some couldn't make it because of family reasons and an Army deployment.

Casme Carter 34 Bridesmaids Bachelorette
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"Every lady was handpicked," Casme, 38, said in an interview with Today. "I traveled for 18 years as a singer and made incredible friends along the way. I felt so loved and blessed to have them by my side.

She added that she couldn't believe how quickly the group of women, who ranged in age from 21 to 50, were able to bond with each other.

"We had doctors and performers and lawyers, just a big assortment of different personalities and it was nothing but love," Casme told Today. "My girls from Atlanta are now talking to my girls from Nashville on social media and it makes me so happy."

Casme, who is one of eight children, told Southern Living that her parents have been happily married for 39 years. She credits her parents with showing her and her siblings how to love people—a big part of how she was able to get so many women to say yes to being bridesmaids. "I've been a blessing to them, and they've been a blessing to me," the singer said of her relationships with her friends.

Casme also made it easy on her ‘maids by asking them simply to wear neutral tones, which meant many were able to wear dresses they already owned.

Twelve of the bridesmaids were escorted by groomsmen, while the others came down the aisle "fashion show-style" like they were on a runaway.

Casme Carter Gary Wedding
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In the end, Casme says the day was perfect and she wouldn't have changed a thing.

"Everything about this wedding was different," she told Today. "It was so amazing to have them all right beside me."