"We saw an opportunity to help."

By Meghan Overdeep
August 20, 2019
Webster Groves Firefighters Build Walkway
Credit: Facebook/Webster Groves Firefighters Community Outreach

A group of Missouri firefighters is making headlines for going above and beyond the call of duty by volunteering their days off to help an elderly woman in need.

Members of the Webster Groves Fire Department were responding to a call when they noticed a wheelchair-bound resident of the St. Louis-area community who was having a very difficult time entering her home.

"Multiple stairs and uneven terrain unfortunately led to the resident falling over in her wheelchair while trying to enter the house," the Webster Groves Firefighters Community Outreach program wrote on Facebook. "Luckily the patient was uninjured, but we saw an opportunity to help. "

So, this past weekend, members of the Webster Groves Firefighters Community Outreach program spent their days off pouring a new walkway in the woman's front yard, providing her with a much-needed level pathway and ramp to safely gain access to her home.

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Thank you to the first responders who used their precious time off to help someone in need!