Learn How to Knit With These Fun, Free Videos

With We Are Knitters, you can watch video tutorials or tune in for a live knitting lesson with Q&A on Instagram Live.

As the coronavirus pandemic changes life as we know it, now, more than ever, we need things that provide us with a sense of comfort and hope.

When you need a change of pace from streaming all those feel-good shows and movies and you're botanical gardened out from all those virtual tours, may we suggest knitting?

Research shows that knitting may help with anxiety, depression, and slow the onset of dementia. Health benefits aside, you can make some darn pretty items from socks to hats, stuffed animals to sweaters. Now, courtesy of an article we recently saw on PureWow, we know where we'll be spending some of our (very ample) spare time: Learning how to knit on the We Are Knitters YouTube channel.

Woman Sewing at Home
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Their tutorials offer practical instructions like how to sew a hem or how to seam sleeves, but there's also plenty of fun instructional videos like how to crochet a petal (below) or how to knit the butterfly stitch. Whether you're beginner or advanced, there's something for everyone.

On their website, WeAreKnitters.com, you can buy materials and check out more resources for knitters and crocheters. Per the PureWow article, we also learned of some upcoming opportunities to get interactive with the company's experts while staying at home: "We Are Knitters is also offering tutorials on Instagram Live (the next two are on Saturday [March 28th]—an intro to knitting—and Sunday [March 29th]—one on crocheting—at 12 p.m. EST), giving you the opportunity to ask any questions as you follow along with the instructor," writes Abby Hepworth. We know we'll be tuning in—needles and yarn ready—from our couch.

We're looking forward to the day when we can host an IRL knitting party with friends, but we guess we can start by brushing up on our ribbing and stockinette stitch.

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