But you better snap the deal up fast.
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Woman Sleeping
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Ready. Set. Sleep.

Okay, scratch that, the glare from the street lamp is peeking under your bedroom curtains and you can't doze off tonight. Or maybe you're being rudely awakened by sunshine in the A.M. when you're still hoping to log another two hours of snooze time. Sure, you've tried blackout curtains but they've also left you slightly disappointed. And then after those ripped or their humble adhesive crumbled, you tried another set. And, well, you're still disappointed.

That's where Wayfair's Basics Solid Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel comes in. Now on sale for $10.99, as TODAY.com originally reported, these blackout shades will have you happily counting white sheeps in dreamland.

Typically $39.99, these blackout curtains currently have nearly 9,700 five-star reviews on the Wayfair site with customers raving in the comments. One buyer from Niceville, Florida, notes, "Love my curtains! They block the light in the mornings great! The material is rich & of good quality. If you want it completely black in your room then will need to add blackout shade curtain behind this curtain but for me it blocks the sun wonderfully," while another happy customer from Huntsville, Alabama saying, "Great curtains for the low price! We love lots of natural light in our bedroom, but these panels do a great job of blocking the sunlight if you ever want to sleep in."

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Looking for other tools to improve your sleep hygiene? Skip any alcohol before bedtime — it can wreak havoc on your snooze time — and limiting or eliminating your afternoon caffeine intake. If you're feeling adventurous, consider trying Som Sleep, a dietary supplement beverage with melatonin, magnesium, and B6.

Sweet dreams and sweet shades, friends.