Wawa Is Heading To Georgia

Get ready, Peach State!

Wawa gas station pump and convenience store
Photo: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor/Getty

Good news for anyone who loves a great convenience store: Wawa is heading to Georgia.

The beloved Pennsylvania-based gas station chain has slowly been making its way down South, with outposts in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Now, Georgia residents can join the fan club, because the company announced that it is opening a location in the state by 2024.

That means plenty of time to start plotting out the perfect way to build-your-own hoagie, pick your favorite hot breakfast sandwich, and preferred coffee order. Wawa has built up a loyal fanbase thanks to its food, of course, but also the easy access it gives folks to fuel, ATMs, clean restrooms, and its excellent customer service.

"Our continued expansion plans will allow us to reach more customers with our quality fresh food, beverages and community support friends and neighbors," John Poplawski, Vice President of Real Estate for Wawa said in a statement to WSB-TV. "Expanding to Georgia is a natural extension from the Florida Panhandle, and we look forward to serving more communities along the East Coast."

As WSB notes, Wawa's announcement didn't specify which corner of the Peach State will be graced with Wawa's first location in the state. Don't fret if you live in Macon and the first outpost is in Valdosta, because the company says it could potentially open at least 20 more locations in Georgia. Cheap tasty coffee for all!

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