The new documentary was filmed during the pandemic while the palaces were closed to the public.

The British royal family palaces may be closed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't explore them, thanks to royal historian Lucy Worsley's upcoming PBS documentary special, Lucy Worsley's Royal Palace Secrets, premiering on Sunday, September 13, at 7:30 p.m. E.T. (check local listings here).

Fans of the monarchy have been in luck as of late when it comes to amazing PBS coverage of Britain's royal family. In June, PBS miniseries Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths and Secrets telling the true stories of three European queens debuted, followed by the one-hour special, Lucy Worsley's Royal Photo Album in August.

This weekend, the new one-and-a-half-hour documentary will give viewers the chance to once again immerse themselves in the lives of the royals. This time, Worsley, who in addition to being a royal historian is also the Chief Curator of England’s Historic Royal Palaces, will take viewers a private tour of the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, and Kensington Palace, as she examines the role each played for the royal family and the country at large.

First, Worsley visits the Tower of London to "discover its glittering and grisly past," per the official PBS press release. As she outlines the Tower's history for viewers, you'll learn about the Norman conquest in 1066, see the building completely free of crowds, and learn plenty of fascinating historical intel. In the above clip, you'll gasp hearing about Anne Boleyn's ill-fated time at the Tower of London.

After the Tower of London, Worsley journeys to the Tutor marvel, Hampton Court Palace. "The spectacle and excess of this royal home encapsulate the fascinating story of the British monarchy’s thirst for absolute power," the press release explains. "It was here that Henry VIII would lay the foundations for his role as the supreme leader of both church and state. And it was here that the Stuarts would build on Henry’s tyrannical legacy—until Charles I lost his head." We're looking forward to diving deeper into this grand and historic property.

Finally, it's off to the last stop on Worsley's educational adventure: Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, reside with their three children. Here, Worsley "gives a private look at this magnificent home that produced a different notion of monarchy — the Royal Family," as the media statement puts it, and we can't wait to tune in and see the regal rooms for ourselves.

Don't forget to put a note on your calendar to tune in. A little Sunday evening tea and scones session? We think yes.