So. Brilliant.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 14, 2018
Credit: Ken Browar Productions Inc./Getty Images

Your best friend gets a gorgeous gold glimmer painted on her toes — and, boy, is it one heck of a pedicure. A week later, you emulate your pal, only to discover the hue clashes horribly with your everyday watch and skin tone.

Of course, all manicures are not created equal. That's where WANNA NAILS comes in. The neat app is availanble for iOs and Android devices, and allows users to take a photo of their hand or foot and virtually "try on" nail polish shades.

"The app's premise is simple: You take a photo of your hand or foot. Wanna Nails detects where your fingernails are, and you can then scroll through a bunch of different nail colors to see what your actual hand would look like with each one," writes David Murphy on LifeHacker. If you love a color, you can also purchase specific shades via provided affiliate links.

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Not only is this app great at helping you save time before you head to the salon for a manicure or pedicure, but it's also a boon if you're a nails-at-home kinda gal, especially to help you determine if you should splurge on a new bottle of polish.

Oh, and we have one more app perk worth highlighting: You can convince your bridezilla cousin that the green shade she selected for bridesmaid manis and pedis is most definitely best left on the cuticle-room floor. Phew!