Ignore Walter at your own risk!

By Meghan Overdeep
June 04, 2018
Credit: Youtube/ViralHog

It's safe to say that Walter, a French bulldog from Austin, Texas, has a very unique way of getting his owner's attention.

When he's feeling excluded or forgotten, Walter breaks into song—a mournful and decidedly operatic tune that's impossible to ignore.

His owner recently caught him in action, in a video that has taken the Internet by storm. According to KHQ, she was talking to a friend outside her car while Walter looked on longingly from the front seat. Tormented by loneliness, the musical pup stuck his little head out of the open window and began to serenade her with the saddest song he could muster. Honestly, he sounds like a dying cat, and it's hilarious. It's also very effective.

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Unable to ignore his "song," Walter's owner rushed over to silence him. "You're embarrassing me," she told him. "Walter, no! Walter I'm right here, baby!" she cried.

But Walter was unfazed. The damage had been done, and he had to sing.

"Stop embarrassing me again," his owner implored, shushing him again. "You're getting me in trouble."

Finally Walter stopped. But something tells us he won't be giving up his singing career any time soon.

Watch Walter's priceless performance above.