Here's how Disney will ring in Mickey Mouse's 89th birthday.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 06, 2017
Credit: Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Maybe you've celebrated your child's birthday party at Walt Disney World. Maybe you even fondly recall celebrating your own special day at Disney as a kid. But how about celebrating Mickey's birthday at the Orlando theme park?

Well, this November you can toast the beloved character with a birthday bash filled with an amazing lineup of events. Saturday, November 18th marks Mickey's 89h "birthday," the anniversary of his original film debuting on November 18th, 1928. To celebrate the Happiest Place on Earth legend, a slew of activities and events will occur throughout the week.

On the big day at Disney World, visitors will enjoy the chance to get "happy birthday" buttons for the famous mouse, feast on Sorcerer Mickey cake, and purchase some birthday-themed goodies, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The site also shares that guests at the Magic Kingdom park will get to sing "Happy Birthday" to Mickey throughout the day. If you're looking to take some of those HBD memories with you home, you'll also get to pose for commemorative photos with celebratory props.

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Meanwhile, for those not at Walt Disney World (or other Disney parks across the globe), there are still plenty of ways to partake in the festivities. Attractions Magazine shares that Disney Channel and Disney Junior will both air various Mickey marathons throughout the fine fella's birthday weekend, starting Friday, November 17th. Also be sure to check out Disney Junior's YouTube for the premiere of a new Mickey short film in the "Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes" series dubbed "Happy Birthday."

Additionally, Disney fans should be certain to tune into Good Morning America on Wednesday, November 15 for a highly-anticipated appearance of Mickey himself. Now, if only we could bump into Mickey on his way to the New York studios for filming and wish him a happy and healthy 89th year.