We're getting pretty excited for this new attraction in Magic Kingdom.
Walt Disney Broadway-Style Theater
Credit: Disney

Whether it's your first or fiftieth time seeing live theater, there's nothing quite like soaking up a performance in front of actors who bring the magic of storytelling to life.

Now, a whole new breed of magic will be headed within a stone's throw of Walt Disney World's Main Street USA in Orlando, Florida. According to Nerdist.com, Disney World will break ground on a new Broadway-style theater tomorrow, Saturday, October 28th. The design of the currently unnamed theater will pay homage to the Willis Wood Theater, a famed entertainment venue in Kansas City, Missouri (Walt Disney lived there as a child). Up until now, this slice of Magic Kingdom has been an employee parking lot, Nerdist reports.

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For now, Disney hasn't released a lineup of what shows will make it to this stately performance space. We're keeping our fingers crossed for classics like "Mary Poppins," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Aladdin." And needless to say, we're hoping a keepsake Playbill features the friendly faces of Mickey and Minnie.