Texas Children's Hospital in Houston will be the first to benefit from the new initiative.

By Meghan Overdeep
March 15, 2018
Facebook/Texas Children's Hospital

The Walt Disney Company is using its unique brand of magic to help make children's hospitals less scary.

The entertainment giant recently committed more than $100 million to reinventing the patient and family experience in children's hospitals across the globe with the creation of personalized experiences featuring Disney characters and stories.

Texas Children's Hospital in Houston—the largest children's hospital in the United States—will be the first to implement the program, which will roll out worldwide over the next five years. Disney's Imagineers will work with patient care experts in select hospitals to help create atmospheres that are personal, warm and entertaining. The hope is to inspire young patients and their families, and help ease the stress of a hospital stay.

"We are honored to be the inaugural hospital to collaborate with Disney on this exciting patient-focused initiative," Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children's Hospital, said in a release. "Patient care is at the center of our mission, and in addition to providing the highest-quality medical care to children, we strive to make the hospital experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for every patient and their family. We are looking forward to working with Disney to enhance our efforts in this area."

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Groundbreaking new concepts include themed treatment and patient rooms featuring interactive murals of Disney stories, bed linens and gowns featuring each child's favorite characters, and personalized in-room entertainment. Doctors, nurses and staff will also receive Disney customer-experience training from the Disney Institute to help foster a less stressful, patient and family-centric hospital experience.

"Disney's timeless stories have touched hearts and lifted spirits for generations, and we believe they can bring comfort to children and families going through a very difficult time," Robert A. Iger, The Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO, said in a statement. "Using the powerful combination of our beloved characters and legendary creativity, we're planning to transform the patient experience in children's hospitals around the world."