You'll Never Guess What Surprising Product Walmart Stocks up on Before Big Storms

It actually makes a lot of sense.

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What do you stock up on before a big storm? Probably water, milk, bread, and eggs, right? The essentials.

Grocery stores know what to expect when weather forecasts turn dicey and try to have plenty of the aforementioned staples on hand. But what if we told you that Walmart locations also stock up on a certain fruit-flavored pastry?

Apparently, strawberry Pop-Tarts are a huge seller before and after big storms.

In a 2004 interview with The New York Times, Walmart officials revealed that sales of strawberry Pop-Tarts increase by as much as seven times ahead of hurricanes, which is why they make sure their shelves are flush with the beloved toaster pastries ahead of time.

According to the company's corporate website, more than 350,000 boxes were sent to the Carolinas before and after Hurricane Florence struck in 2018.

Sure, they're delicious, but why Pop-Tarts? Experts believe that their pre- and post-storm popularity has a lot to do with their long shelf-lives and that fact that you can eat them with or without a toaster should the power go out during nasty weather.

"Over the course of their experience with hurricanes, Walmart has learned that Strawberry Pop-Tarts are one of the most purchased food items, especially after storms, as they require no heating, can be used at any meal, and last forever," Steve Horwitz, an economist at St. Lawrence University who studied Walmart's response to Hurricane Katrina, told ABC News.

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The other most popular pre-storm purchase? Beer.

Now that's what we call a party!

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