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Credit: Courtesy Walmart

Cotton candy grapes aren't just ordinary grapes. And this isn't ordinary grape juice.

Produced by California grower Grapery, through natural crossbreeding techniques, we've previously described Cotton Candy grapes as having the texture, color, and smell of your average green bunch. "However, once you bite into them, you'll be reminded of the airy, sugary treat on a stick that you enjoyed as a kid at the carnival and state fair. Only with this snack—as opposed to cotton candy—you don't have to worry about sticky fingers," as writer Michelle Darrisaw captured it in a 2017 piece on these popular grapes' return to Sam's Club.

Now, fans of Cotton Candy grapes have the chance to experience them in a new form: A delicious beverage, Great Value Cotton Candy Grape Juice Cocktail, available at Walmart for $2.48 for a 64-ounce bottle. "Great Value Cotton Candy Grape Juice Cocktail is packed with sweet cotton candy grape flavor. This juice has no added sugar and gives you 100 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in a single serving," the description on Walmart's website reads. You can feel free to drink the beverage straight, or add it to a mocktail or cocktail. (FYI: Even though the product's title has "cocktail" in it, the cotton Candy Grape Juice Cocktail is an alcohol-free beverage.)

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Love grapes? If you haven't already, you may want to try Grapico, a tantalizing grape soda beverage that's been a much-loved Southern favorite for more than 100 years.

Then, of course, there's always that thing called wine. But given the stir-crazy nature of spending so much time at home this year, we're all for saving ourselves the hangover. Who's double-fisting a cup of Cotton Candy Grape Juice and Grapico ASAP?