Are you surprised this Southern wonderland secured the number one spot?
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Gearing up for a summer road trip? You might want to set your sights on North Carolina.

A new survey from personal finance site, WalletHub, has named North Carolina the best state for summer road trips based on an in-depth review of costs, safety, and activities. And NC is no rookie to this accolade — in 2018, North Carolina was also ranked numero uno. In their analysis, WalletHub evaluated 33 metrics and weighted them accordingly, including things like lowest price of three-star hotel room in the costs realm, quality of bridges in the safety category, and share of total acre designated as national parkland on the activities front.

Though North Carolina came in first, several Southern states made the top 10, including Virginia in fourth, Texas in fifth, and Louisiana in seventh. Read the complete rankings and full methodology here.

So, who's with us and ready to bust out the ole road trip checklist and hit the road?

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