Where does your home state rank on the list?

Single this Valentine's Day? You could either mope or move to Florida.

But really, though. Okay, a move to Florida may be a bit extreme, but if you're looking to find love, relocating to the Sunshine State may seriously up your odds, at least according to the personal-finance site, WalletHub. For their latest survey, WalletHub compared the 50 states across three categories: dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance and fun, using nearly 30 metrics ranging from the share of single adults and online-dating opportunities to restaurants per capita and movie costs.

Overall, Florida was named the best state for singles, with a total score of 69.21 (by contrast, West Virginia, which came in 50th place, had a score of 35.52). California came in second place and Texas rounded out the top three. Unfortunately, when it came to the worst states to live in for singles, several Southern states made the rankings, with Mississippi in 41st place overall, Alabama in 42nd, Kentucky in 44th, Arkansas in 49th, and West Virginia in 50th.

Among the data analysts' findings, several fascinating tidbits emerged. For instance, Louisiana has the highest share of single adults, 54.05%, which is 1.3 times higher than in Utah, the state with the lowest share of single adults, at 42.56%. Another fun fact? Utah may have the lowest share of single adults, but they have the most mobile-dating opportunities, followed by Colorado and Maryland to complete the top three. You can view the full report and see where your state ranked here.

Interestingly, in a 2019 WalletHub survey, Orlando was named the best large city to start a business and Miami came in third place (if you're curious, Oklahoma City was #2). We won't read into things too deeply,  but perhaps this implies a link between go-getter entrepreneurs and the best places in America to date.

Where does your home state rank on the list?