By Melissa Locker
February 05, 2018
White Tablecloth with Pink Rose
Credit: WDnet/Getty Images

Have you booked your Valentine's Day reservation at Waffle House yet? For the last eleven years, everyone's favorite purveyor of scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked hash browns transforms from a beloved greasy spoon to a fine dining establishment brimming with romance.

This year 170 locations across the South from Alabama to Texas to Tennessee will be offering patrons a chance for a candle-lit dinner and a table for two and in a clear break from Waffle House protocol, requires reservations.

While suggesting to your sweetheart that you spend Valentine's Day at Waffle House may be risky, the second they walk in the door, they'll know this is not your typical Waffle House experience. "A perfect Valentine's dinner consists of soft music, great food and a welcoming atmosphere," says Walt Ehmer, Waffle House CEO. "And we have all three waiting for those who are ready."

Diners can expect ambiance on par with the fanciest French restaurants. There will be white table cloths, candle light, flowers, and perhaps even live entertainment—or just drop a quarter in the jukebox for your favorite long song ("Special Lady", perhaps?)

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This will be the eleventh year that the Waffle House has thrown a Valentine's Day bash. Ehmer claims that their party is bigger and better than ever, becoming a "bucket-list experience" for Waffle House fans. So, go ahead and scrap the box of chocolates you were planning on buying, make a reservation at Waffle House, and serve your sweetheart Papa Joe's pork chop, Bert's Chili, or the cheesesteak omelet of their dreams.

See the full list of locations here and make your reservations, because it's been known to sell out