"Someone get that mama an extra waffle!"

By Meghan Overdeep
February 07, 2019
Christy Dux

Waffle House was one of the first places California-native Christy Dux ate when she first moved to the South—her husband Patrick made sure of it.

"He has been going to the Waffle House since he can remember," Christy tells Southern Living. "He and his family went all the time; we even continue their Christmas Eve tradition of dining there."

Two years ago, the Nashville couple celebrated his birthday there. Christy says he even jokes about remodeling their kitchen like a Waffle House kitchen, even though there are four of the restaurants (one in each direction) near their house.

"I asked him if that's why he picked this house, but he changed the subject— I'll have to investigate more," she says.

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So, when Christy and Patrick (scattered and scattered well, respectively) found out they were expecting a baby, only one kind of announcement would do.

Earlier this week, Patrick posted an Instagram photo of himself and Christy holding hands across a familiar Formica table. The empty highchair at the head of the table is unmistakable.

"Table for 3 coming in July!" the proud dad-to-be captioned the sweet ‘gram.

Waffle House even shared the photo on its official Instagram account, which thrilled the super-fan couple.

"We'll definitely be taking baby back, we already have a little plan for our next photo there," Christy, a professional photographer, told Southern Living. "This might have to become a series of ours."