Because staring at the sun revs up your appetite
Waffle House Wahlberg
Credit: Raymond Boyd/Contributor/Getty Images

Most Southerners will agree that no road trip is complete without a pit stop at one very revered roadside joint. Well, some very lucky folks took their love for the Waffle House to new heights yesterday, August 21st. How, you ask? By chasing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse with a heaping stack of waffles, cheesy grits, eggs, biscuits and gravy, country ham, and more.

WATCH: Sunny Skillet Breakfast

As Eater initially pointed out, the popular restaurant chain has many restaurants along the Path of Totality, a 70-mile-wide ribbon that provided the best views of the eclipse. First opening in Avondale Estates Georgia on Labor Day in 1955, the breakfast-centric eatery has achieved a cult-following over the years. In fact, we're pretty sure a Southerner can spot their signature black and yellow branding on the highway from miles away.

From St. Louis, Missouri to Athens, Georgia to Clemson, South Carolina and Lenoir City, Tennessee, we're loving how merrymakers rang in the celestial event in style with plenty of hash browns—smothered and covered, of course. Here are a few of our favorite photos.