You've got to see this.

Waffle House Exterior
Credit: SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

So you love Waffle House. Do you love it so much that you would you consider hiring a Waffle House food truck for your wedding? Or take your engagement photos over a plate of smothered-and-covered goodness?

Well, Waffle House fans may very well be one-upped by the latest happy couple to feature Waffle House on their big day. The Royal Cakery, a New Orleans specialty cake shop made a dazzling replica of the Waffle House for two Waffle House-lovin' newlyweds.

The detailed cake features the restaurant's exterior, the Waffle House's signature black-and-yellow signpost, and the couple standing, arms entwined, outside the beloved Southern eatery.

What do you think of the cake? Did you or would you consider ordering a funny, novelty cake for your wedding or any related celebrations?

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