What an incredible story of locals rushing to help these special animals.

Credit: instagram.com/michaelvstheworld

Sometimes, it's not only people who need a helping hand during a hurricane.

And as many in Florida work to get pet rescues underway from Hurricane Irma, a few good samaritans pitched in to help wildlife in need, too.

When a group of friends in the Sarasota area spotted some manatees on dry land, they quickly mobilized to try and provide the distressed animals with some help. "Went out to the bay and saw two objects out where the water receded, so we took off our shoes and walked out through the shells to find two beached manatees," wrote Michael Sechler in an Instagram post on Sunday, September 10th. "One wasn't moving, the other was breathing and had water in its eyes. My friends and I couldn't move these massive animals ourselves, and we called every service we could think of, but no one answered." The group of friends continued to give the animals as much water as they could, fearing salvation wouldn't come soon enough, but "...hoping the rain and storm surge come soon enough to save them."

Thankfully, a group of fellow onlookers and law enforcement joined the efforts to get the sea cows back in the water, according to FOX 13 Tampa Bay. As the large animals remained trapped in mud, the quickly assembled team were able to return the creatures back to the water.

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"We rolled them on the tarp and then dragged them a 100 yards," said Marcelo Clavijo, another good samaritan who helped with the rescue, in a Facebook post. "[We] said '1-2-3' and pulled them back to the channel. They both swam off," Clavijo later recounted to FOX 13.